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Playing request's is the main difference between a party DJ and a mix DJ. The party DJ will alter the music on a record by record basis adapting to match the audience whereas the mix DJ has already worked out in advance what tunes sound best when mixed together. This is fine if the audience knows what to expect. For instance if its a R&B club the audience will expect the best in R&B and seamless mixing from the DJ. If its a Family party however no matter how good the R&B DJ is if he plays the same set the party will flop.

The best Parties are made by the audience involvement and the the DJ being able to read the crowd and quickly react to what they require. Playing requests is a great way to get the party started. We are Party DJs that aim to play as many requests as possible, however it's worth adding some words of caution, sometimes discretion needs to be used. If its a kid's party and an elder brother has asked for hip hop with loads of swearing it would be totally inappropriate to play this. Like wise if it were the big brothers 18th party and his Mum asked for Bob the Builder because it was his favorite when he was three we would pretend not to have it. This might seem hash after all a party is supposed to be fun and playing Bob the builder is just a joke but any music the DJ plays should be aimed to connect in a positive way with as many people as possible and not leave anyone feeling bad. Sending your DJ a play list is always a good idea but don't over do it about 10 to 25 is about right so called 100% do not work. Its equally, if not more important to tell the DJ of records you do not want records that bring back bad memories or the ones that just make you cringe.

With requests it's important to keep in mind who asked for what and make sure they are still around when you do play the tune. Its not good when the DJ plays a dodgy request and the person who asked for it comes back from the loo towards the end. They now know you have the record so often insist it gets a replay. During an average 4 hour party you can play as few as 70 tunes the trick is to know what tunes will work best at that moment. It's usually best not to waste a time on something that will not work or is out of context.

party pic for east london mobile disco Being able to tell if a request is genuine, or is just to wind someone up is a big part of the job. It's amazing how often people will request a love song for a couple supposedly about to get engaged when really they are already married to other people. Being a good Dj is about remembering the many thousands of records in the collection and working out what fits. A record may work brilliantly, a floor filling smash but six months down the line you get rebooked and play the same tune to the same people and it has the totally opposite reaction. Filtering out the stuff that is not appropriate is the difference between someone who just plays records at parties and a professional DJ.

With all that said, it's your party, on the night we will play what you like, as for request, we love them in fact the more the merrier. Pro mobile disco are DJs that play your music requests and can adapt the music mix to match the dance floor action, call the party professionals and hire a Mobile Disco in East London.